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Benjamin Churchill

WHEN DID YOU START BIATHLON?  I started training in biathlon in 2008 but only started racing in 2010.

WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO THE SPORT?  Most definitely the guns, but I now love the cross-country skiing aspect of the sport too.

WHAT MAKES BIATHLON FUN FOR YOU? I see biathlon as a way to make myself a better person, someone who can react coolly under pressure, someone who can push their-self to the utmost limit, someone who can know themselves inside-out. I'm not that person yet, but I'm getting closer!

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE CBR?  I chose CBR for the personalized level of coaching and the high level of competition to push me harder in training and in racing.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE TRAINING /CAMP? WHY?  Camrose Camp of 2012 would be the most memorable. This was my first experience of participating in a week-long camp with training morning and afternoon, similiar to what the training camps of World Cup athletes would involve.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE COMPETITION/RACE?  The 2013 Canadian Biathlon Championships are my most memorable race series to date. I just remember a feeling of astonishment when I found out I was second in Canada in the Sprint race, my first race on the national stage.

DO YOU THINK THE GIRLS ARE BETTER SHOOTERS THAN THE BOYS :-)?   While the evidence in the results of similarly classed male/female athletes does indicate that the girls are better shots, I have to disagree. It comes down to the athlete, not the gender. 

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE RACE FORMAT?  The Mass Start is my favorite race format.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS IN BIATHLON?  I want to be a consistent athlete, with similar ski times throughout a weekend or week of racing and comparable shooting percentages. I also want to be called an 'athlete' instead of a 'pretender'!

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE BIATHLETE AND WHY?  Martin Fourcade is my favorite biathlete on the international stage because of his always relaxed but still frighteningly intense approach to racing. Of course, five crystal globes doesn't hurt his popularity! Jean-Philippe Leguellec is my favorite Canadian biathlete, the first Canadian man to win a World Cup.

IF YOU COULD CHANGE THE RULES OF BIATHLON WHAT WOULD IT BE?  I would allow shooting of the competition :-).

WHAT ARE YOUR MOST MEMORABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS?  2009 - Canmore Kinder cup - 1 Silver medal (my first official race ever - so difficult!) 2013 Calforex Cup #3 Edmonton, Jan. 26-27 - 2 Gold medals (my first gold medals ever!) 2013 Canadian Biathlon Championships, Whistler Olympic Park, March 15-20 - 2 SIlver medals and 1 Bronze (my first races on the national stage, at an 'epic' Olympic venue!)








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