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Wesley Munro

WHEN DID YOU START BIATHLON?  I was 9 years old when I joined the Biathlon Bears program in Calgary.

WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO THE SPORT? The ability to hit a very small target from a distance away - something new to try and it looked like a really cool sport! 

WHAT MAKES BIATHLON FUN FOR YOU?  The eagerness and success to improve each time, whether you are competing or training.  I've made some really good friendships too.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE CBR?  I followed the amazing coaching.  The relationship with your coach/coaches is so important and key to achieving one's goals.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE TRAINING /CAMP? WHY?  It would have to be the Camrose Camp held in the summer by the Alberta Biathlon Club.  The training is intense, the camaraderie is great, and there is plenty of fun amidst all the sweating!

WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE COMPETITION/RACE?  One that comes to mind is the 2012 Alberta Winter Games for I failed on qualifying to the Games, however, went as an alternate, and to win a Silver medal on the last day of the Games.  I've also cross-fired in a race as well as taken an extra lap/loop - these were mistakes that I will NEVER forget and have learned from.

DO YOU THINK THE GIRLS ARE BETTER SHOOTERS THAN THE BOYS :-)?      Let's just say some are...when I was renting a club rifle I had Myriam Bedard's rifle - a two time Olympian medal winner. 

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE RACE FORMAT?  I enjoy the Individual and the Sprint formats.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS IN BIATHLON?   To continue to grow and improve in the sport.  Personally, I'm working towards a spot on Team Alberta and then to qualify for the Nationals.

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE BIATHLETE AND WHY?  I don't have one for I admire many.  Such as our Alberta biathletes that are on the National Team; Bo Thompson who is great not only as an athlete but as a person;  Halvard Hanevold, an Olympian who came to work with us in Canmore for a day - I even got to wear one of his many gold Olympic medals!

IF YOU COULD CHANGE THE RULES OF BIATHLON WHAT WOULD IT BE?  If you happen to race on your birthday and miss a target, no penalty laps - kidding. Biathlon rules are very fitting to the sport for I wouldn't change any of it.

WHAT ARE YOUR MOST MEMORABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS?  I've had some bad luck happen to me at races throughout the years and Iike to think how I persevered and got over them are some of my accomplishments.  (Such as learning how to ski for the very time at my first lesson in biathlon, having a bee sting me on my trigger hand 5 minutes before a race, having a rifle fall apart on the mat a a race, racing the wrong course, to name a few). Of course standing on the podium is the greatest feeling after a race. If it wasn't for the errors/bad luck, I don't think I would be half the athlete I am today! 








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